Portable Lightweight Knee Exoskeleton



Property Value
Unilateral Mass 2.8 kg
Bilateral Mass 4.5 kg
Size 570 * 200 * 180 mm
Motor Voltage 48 V
Motor Continuous Torque 13 Nm
Motor Speed 155 RPM
Peak Output Torque 40 Nm
Output Speed 26.2 rad/s
Gear Ratio 6:1
Range of Motion 0 - 160 degrees
Battery Life 2 hours
Wearable Structures Small. Middle, Large
Actuation Type Portable

Portable Exoskeleton Architecture



Portable System

  • Total weight: 2.5 kg (unilateral), 3.9 kg (bilateral)
  • Transmission: 6:1 gear, bi-directional actuation
  • Torque output: 20 Nm torque, >26 rad/s speed
  • Control platform: Arduino Teensy 3.6 microcontroller
  • Tethered System

  • Wearable structure weight: 1 kg
  • Transmission: 24:1 gear, bi-directional actuation
  • Torque output: >50 Nm torque, >6.5 rad/s speed
  • Control platform: MATLAB Simulink Realtime
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