Portable Shoulder Exosuit

We created the most lightweight, portable, powered upper limb exoskeleton that provides high torque assistance and is suitable for heterogeneous users with different levels of impairments.

Hardware Features

Our shoulder exoskeleton assists 2 DoF movements (flexion/extension, abduction/adduction) while most robots are either passive or only provide 1 DOF assistance. Thanks to the high torque density motor and compact electronics design, our shoulder exoskeleton is fully portable and modular and can be used for bilateral or unilateral assistance (e.g., stroke is hemiparesis and requires unilateral assistance).


General Specifications

Property Value
Total Mass 3.3kg
Portability Fully Portable
Voltage 24 V
Rated Assistive Torque 9 Nm
Peak Output Torque 27 Nm
Range of Motion 0 - 140°
Battery Life 2 hours
Controller Communications Bluetooth

Motor Specifications

Property Value
Motor Used Omni-80-6-Beta
Motor Size Ø98 mm x 43 mm
Motor Nominal Voltage 48 V
Motor Nominal Torque 9 Nm
Motor Nominal Speed 165 RPM
Motor Nominal Power 240 W
Motor Max Stall Torque 21 Nm
Motor Weight 630 g
Motor Gear Ratio 6:1
Encoder 16-bit magnetic encoder

Actuator Specifications

Property Design Ratio
Shoulder Torque 12 Nm 36 : 1
Shoulder Motion -30-170°
Elbow Torque 2 Nm 6 :1
Elbow Motion 30-180°
Wrist Torque 0.33 Nm 1 : 1
Wrist Motion -80-80°
Angular Speed > 15 rad/s
Backdriving Torque < 10 %
Weight (5 actuators) 1.2 Kg

Control Specifications

Control Loop Torque/Speed/Position loop
Master Computer Communication Bluetooth, USB (RS-232)
Microcontroller communication RS232, CAN bus
Control Platform Bluetooth

Shoulder Exoskeleton Control Architecture