Portable Hip Exoskeleton



Property Value
Nominal Voltage 24V
Motor Nominal Torque 2 Nm
Motor Peak Torque 6 Nm
Motor Nominal Speed 1500 RPM
Gear ratio 9:1
Actuator Output Nominal Torque 12 Nm
Actuator Output Peak Torque 36 Nm
Actuator Output Speed 188 RPM
Mass (without battery) 2.6 kg
Mass (with battery) 3.2 kg
Actuation type Fully Portable
Battery life 1.5 hours

Architecture of Sensor, Communication, Control

The electronic architecture of the exoskeleton facilitated high-level torque control, motor control, sensor signal conditioning, data communication, and power management.

Video 2023 ICRA

Video 2020 Transactions on Mechatronics


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I. Dominguez, S. Luo, R. Wu, H. Su, “Reinforcement Learning through Physics-based and Data-driven Approaches for Exoskeleton Control in the Real World” 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Workshop: Neuromechanics Meets Deep Learning, London, UK. PDF | Poster