Property Value
Euler Angle Range Roll: ±180°; Pitch: ±90°; Yaw: ±180°
Sample Frequency 400Hz
Resolution 0.01°
Maximum impact resistance (within 0.1 ms) 10000g
Data Type Euler Angle/Quaternion/Angular
Velocity/ Linear acceleration/ Air
Pressure/ Altitude/ Temperature
Gyroscope noise density 7 mdps/√Hz
Data lag 15 ms
Interface Type Bluetooth Classic 4.1
Maximum Baud rate 921600 bps
Maximum Baud rate 921600 bps
Dimensions 39x39x8 mm
Weight 12 g
Communication distance <20m
Power consumption <132mW @ 3.3V
Battery and Lifecycle Lithium >6h (3.7V@230mAh)
Working temperature -20~+60 °C

IMU Connection Structure 1

  • Read 1-7 IMU data in the real time (100Hz)
  • For biomechanical analysis and real time control
  • IMU Mounting Configuration for wearable application (Positions)

    Roll: ±180°; Pitch: ±90°; Yaw: ±180°